Sunday, February 22, 2009

Paddyfest Ladies: Sneak Peek

(c) Amanda Stratton - Kitchener Waterloo Photographer

Meet Krista, Amber, Nichole, Emily, and Stefany.

I haven't finished processing the shoot I did yesterday with the Paddyfest Ambassador Contestants, but I wanted to post something right away because I had so much fun with these girls.

At the last minute, I threw in some little suggestions to Dawn, the Ambassador competition chairperson. Just tiny things, like "let's get a new location, let's do completely different photos, and let's ask the girls to wear completely different clothes." I was so happy that everybody was on board. At least one of the contestants didn't find out until 11:30 the night before that I was asking them to bring something special along, and she still did. I was delighted that these girls were willing to have some fun, and they did! I had a great time with them!

Super huge thanks to the North Perth Public Library for letting us overrun them completely.

I'll be back with more photos tomorrow or the next day.


Dawn said...

Absolutely beautiful Amanda! I can't wait to see the rest! Thanks so much again for everything.

Tracey said...

A gorgeous picture Manda! I can't wait to see the rest!

Tami said...

Fantastic - just as I expected. I am anxious to see the rest as well. xoxo

Lisa B said...

Awesome, Amanda. cant' wait to see more

Dodie said...

Fantastic shot! You are very talented with that camera!! Anxious to see more.

Tami said...

Ok - it is now Wednesday. Where are the rest? :)