Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MCP Actions + Shootsac =


(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton - Kitchener Waterloo Photographer

I'm entering a contest to win a free Shootsac from MCP Actions.

What is MCP Actions you say? Well, MCP Actions is one of those great companies that helps photographers make great work by streamlining some of the tasks of processing using Photoshop actions. Actions are basically sequences of steps that you might perform over and over, made into a little one-click-and-you're-done tool. MCP even has a free action for resizing for the web, which if you're a person who posts photos to the internet, you know can take a lot of time without the help of an action.

What is a Shootsac? Shootsac is a company that makes a lens bag (for those of us with poor memory, it's also handily called a Shootsac). Shootsacs are so cute. You can interchange covers on them to get a whole bunch of different looks, they look basically like an ordinary over-the-shoulder bag, and they make it a little less obvious that you're walking around with a few thousand dollars worth of gear attached to you... if that's important to you. And I've heard that a Shootsac is just as easy to use and as much of a lifesaver as it seems to be, so I would love to have one. Okay, so mostly, I think they're super-cute and the usefulness is a bonus. Sue me.

Anyway, the contest required that a photo be submitted illustrating why the contestant deserves to win a shootsac. So I enlisted the most gorgeous models I know to try to help me win based on looks alone. That's my shot up there at the top.

Wish me luck!

Wanna enter, too? The contest closes tonight at midnight, so you still have time! Hit it up at

And I'll back tonight with some Paddyfest photos. I promise this time. Unless I fall asleep with the kids again. :)


Tracey said...

That picture is fabulous!! I love Bria's face! Good luck in the contest Manda!! :)

Lisa B said...

Oh...this is great... I wish you lotsa luck and I hope you win!!! Your picture is GREAT!!!

Tami said...

What a great idea for your photo! That is perfect - and the models did a fantastic job. Even the 'legs'. Good luck Manda!

Robert Whetton said...

Yay!! congrats on winning :)

Bobby Earle said...

LOVE that photo!!!