Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Addendum to my Birthday Post

When I posted that it was my birthday, I said I was going to come back and post more about that, and then I never did. Well, now I am. The more that I had wanted to post was some goals for this, my 27th year. Why post them here? Well cause then I'm hoping someone once in a while will remind me that I have stuff I'm supposed to be doing!

So here are some things I intend to do before August 20, 2009:

1. Clean out my inbox.
This may seem like a cop-out of a goal, but right now there are 1355 emails in my inbox going back to Oct. 13, 2006, plus 114 junk mail, 7 drafts, and 5455 deleted items that I keep telling Outlook not to permanently delete because I just.can't.let.go. And I wonder what's bogging my computer down?

2. Find a way to use my photography to help the community.
Cans for Comments

3. Finish 6 courses at school.
That's 2 per term, and the max I can do and still be part time, and also probably the max I can do and not burn out. This is amended to four because I did two in the fall term and it was too much to handle. I'd rather do well at four and still have time with my kids. I had to revoke a goal, but it's got to be done.
3.5. Learn Vectors.
End my passionate hate for the beast that made me get 85% in grade twelve math (which felt like failing at the time) before it becomes a decade old. It will be a long road to understanding... I welcome a tutor!

4. Go to 3 places I've never been before.
Not necessarily exotic places. And this one is kind of a cop out, cause I already went to NYC, and I'm counting that.
New York City, Las Vegas

5. Walk to Run.

6. Call Missy. Scratch that. SEE Missy.
Preferably more than once.
DONE - Saw her for her e-shoot on October 5, 2008, and plan to lots more!

7. Go out to dinner/chat/hang with 10 people I didn't know before.
I just like to meet new people. Also, I'm counting meeting up with Lisa in NYC, which was fabulous and she's awesome. But I can't count John because we didn't really talk enough to qualify. Hopefully next time :)
Lisa, Hilary

8. Read the news once a week.
Not just the Listowel Banner (though I'm a faithful reader of that) but actual world news, so I can get my head out of the sand.

9. Do one craft a week with my kids.
They love crafts, and I never do them with them because there never seems to be time and space and all that. So it goes on the list.

I sometimes get caught up in all the things I have going on, and I never stop to look around, y'know? Or I forget to put down my camera and actually play with my kids instead of just trying to shoot them. And I let books sit half-read for weeks because sitting still to read them feels like a waste of time sometimes (which is also not good for my library fine situation). And I don't get enough sleep. Nowhere near. So one of my goals for this year, even as I make a list of things that will all take up time, is to spend some time just taking in life. Treat it like a fine wine meant to be savoured and not like a magnum of Baby Duck getting chugged in a university dorm until I puke (as if I've ever done that!)

Okay, there it is, and I expect to be held to it, so please feel free to call me on it at any time. I'm going to link this post somehow on the main page of my blog so that it's easy for me and you to refer back to. It's not exactly Jessica Claire's 101 in 1001, but if I get these done by my next birthday, I'll have 10 reasons to celebrate another year!

Happy September! I can't believe that summer's over already...


Tracey said...

That's a fabulous list of goals!! I however was looking for the time that you posted it so I could call you on that "not getting enough" sleep one. hehe I don't know how you manage everything with the little sleep you get. Kudos to you my sister! I know you will accomplish what you set your mind to!

johnlo said...

i'm gonna make sure your #7 will have my name mention again next year. :D

tami said...
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