Thursday, February 26, 2009

I WON (and I'm sorry)

I won the Shootsac Contest on MCP Actions!!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see my latest blog post.

My computer isn't working, so I finally came over to Josh's and checked my Google Reader, and I was so stoked when I saw that Jodi from MCP Actions picked my photo to be in the top ten. Just at that, I was doing my little happy jig infront of the monitor. Then I clicked the next blog post, and my heart stopped a little, just for a sec when I saw that I won. I'm so so so happy right now. Not only will I soon be the proud owner of a super-cute Shootsac, I can also say that Jessica Claire chose my photo from the bunch. How cool is that?

Okay, so some non-photographer types may not know who Jessica Claire is, but she was named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine, if it gives you some idea how cool it is to have my photo chosen by her!

Thank You So Much to Jodi and everyone at MCP Actions, and thank you to Jessica and everyone at Shootsac. I feel my cute factor rising already!

And the I'm sorry part...

I hate breaking promises, but my computer has crapped out on me as of yesterday evening. I use a laptop, and first it was just a matter of holdng the cord in or somehow rigging it just right so that I could charge it, but now it won't charge at all. I tried it with two different cords and there's just no way to get the juice in.

So the Paddyfest photos are being held captive by my computer. I came over to Josh's place and tried to figure out a way to do something, but I've got nothing. I feel really bad because I've been promising to have them up for a couple days, and I shouldn't have fallen asleep the first night cause then I could have had them done before my computer became a paperweight.

If it makes anyone feel better, it's going to make my life really difficult until it comes back from Dell.

Atleast I'll have a pretty Shootsac to ease the pain.

Oh, speaking of Shootsac and laptops, Shootsac also makes the cutest laptop bag known to man, which also has the cutest name: the HipSlip. Cute, huh?


Tracey said...

YAHOO!!! I am so excited that you won! I just loved the picture you took! Way to go!!

Tami said...

That is amazing Manda!!!! About the win, not the paddyfest photos! I am glad you got the cute bag but also that your amazing talent was recognized by someone you admire. You rock the lense sista! xoxo

jasmine said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome.

Dodie said...

Congratulations Amanda!!! Wow!!! A cute bag that you totally love and will put to good use AND recognition of your ability behind the lense from a photographer that you admire - 5 star day for sure!!!!

Bobby Earle said...

I knew JC would do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations.. I can only begin to imagine, what it means to have a idol like your work. I of course, have never heard of her before.. :-S but she obviously has a good eye :) We all new it was wonderful :)
No appologies necessary. I hope your computer is fixed soon. It's just building up the suspense!