Monday, February 9, 2009


Want to know 50 random things about me - half of them being things I love, and the other half being things I loathe?

If the answer is no, I recommend that you stop reading.

Love Flowers, Loathe Bugs

25 Things I Love

1. overpriced yuppy coffee beverages
2. reading and having a tea while it's raining
3. the first day in autumn when you have to wear a sweater
4. getting up early and having a quiet morning after going to bed early and having a good night's sleep
5. seeing someone I haven't seen in a long time and feeling like we just saw each other yesterday
6. when people use a big word incorrectly, and it's obvious they use that word incorrectly often (I'm sorry but it's funny)
7. debating things with people who appreciate the spirit of debate
8. action movies at the theatre
9. tricking people... about anything
10. Getting good mail
11. Anybody else who finds Deep Thoughts and Steven Wright to be funny enough to cure nearly any degree of discontent
12. Teenage Wasteland, Beast of Burden, Bohemian Rhapsody, Invisible Touch, If You Wanna Be Happy, Patience, At Last, Walking on the Moon, Bad
13. Remembering something funny and having it strike me as funny all over again
14. my front porch
15. getting the giggles with someone who gets me
16. long hot showers in the winter
17. when I can tell I'm annoying people by not getting worked up about things that they think I should get worked up about, like someone bumping my car while parking next to it
18. really bad TV movies, especially on a Sunday afternoon
19. when you get to the checkout and something costs even less than you thought
20. brand new white socks with blue jeans
21. that feeling when I've been out really late wearing uncomfortable clothes, and I come home, put comfies on, put my hair in a ponytail, put moisturizer on my feet, and get into bed
22. people who can joke about their own misfortune
23. when I come up with a cool new phrase
24. anything serendipitous
25. Marc Jacobs clothes, even though I can't wear them

25 Things I Loathe

1. When I make a tea and forget to drink it
2. When people talk about kids in front of them as if they're not even there
3. almost all breeds of small dogs, but especially chihuahuas
4. feeling embarrassed when I call someone from an online forum "my friend"
5. that they decided to remove the doubled ending consonant from words like "travelled" in the US. Maybe eighty million Germans can't be wrong, but eighty million Americans can, and declaring them correct doesn't change that.
6. "forcive habit", "suppose to", "could of", "workout regime", "acrossed"
7. people who call strangers by nicknames or terms of endearment that should be reserved for people they know
8. when I remember someone who doesn't remember me
9. having to read books I don't enjoy
10. going to see a movie at the theatre and realizing it would have been just as good (or no worse) on a small screen
11. not knowing how to thank someone adequately
12. when people demand that they receive a level of service beyond what others are receiving
13. the news
14. when people think that me not being religious means I'm a bad person
15. when people don't know or just don't follow the rules of right of way at a four-way stop, or block intersections, or don't stop to let people out of parking spaces and into traffic
16. people who don't pull over for emergency vehicles
17. when I can't remember what date the milk expires, and the tag is gone
18. doing dishes and putting away laundry
19. when I'm busy enjoying and appreciating something and someone reminds me that it will end-- like summer, for example
20. people who act like they knew someone who's passed away better than they really did
21. being underestimated
22. the fact that my computer can't multitask
23. when teenage girls wear tiny shorts/skirts and t-shirts, and nothing else, outside in ten degree weather
24. the way most commercials for medicines don't even say what the medicine is for... I guess I have to ask my doctor if it's right for me, cause I have NO IDEA what it does
25. "The Secret"


Tracey said...

You're awesome and I love you and these lists were so not surprising to me but still fun to read!! :)

Anonymous said...

This I like. Honesty at it's finest. Great post Amanda.

Lisa B said...

How fun I may have to do this, but then again, maybe not! LOL

Anonymous said...

#8 of loathing.. I hate it when that happens!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blog... love it! I hear you regarding 8, 13, and 14 on the dislikes... along with many of the others!

johnlo said...

Overprice Coffee - STARBUCKS. hhaha! but i still LOVE it. ;-)

love the photo. very nice!

Lisa said...

I'm with you on #14! My extension to that would be "when people use their belief in God to justify their own bad behavior..."

Dodie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your lists!!! It is great fun to see in print the many thoughts that run around inside that wonderful mind of yours!