Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Longest Day - Finale

A while ago, I posted the first of 10 episodes of "The Longest Day" - a reality show about 24 photographers coming together to promote WPPI, and also to support two amazing organizations - Thirst Relief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Well, the final ep has been posted, and contains both teams' short films and PSAs, and an opportunity to vote for your favourite! The winning team's charity will receive a $1000 donation - the not-so-winning team's charity will receive $500.

I know that it is probably of most interest to photographers, but they are actually pretty fun to watch for anyone I think. You can catch all the hilarious episodes at thelongestday.tv.

The winner will be announced at this year's Wedding and Portrait Photographers International 2009 Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas next week. I, unfortunately, won't be there, but I'm looking forward to finding out who wins. I had a clear favourite, but I'd hate for my influence to sway votes (ha!ha!) so I won't say which one I voted for.


lisa B said...

Imagine 24 of them in the same room,I'd love to have been a fly on that wall! :-)

Dodie said...

Interesting and fun idea!! Both causes are very worthy and deserve to receive a donation. Watched the videos and cast my vote .... will see if the judges agree!