Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have been sleeping so much

Not having my computer, though endlessly frustrating during the day, is the blessingest blessing of all at night.

I'm starting to get used to going to bed not because I'm so tired that my work is getting interspersed with semi-lucid dream-visions of myself as a vampire slayer (don't ask), but because it's night time.

My mom was kind enough to bring over an old laptop that was kicking around her place but doesn't get used much anymore, and it's great to try to keep up with email, although it's a pain to type on because the keys are different, and oh, it's a half-Japanese keyboard. no lie.

What it's not capable of is photo editing, so all of that remains on hold except when I can sneak over to Josh's place, and duke it out with Vista, a colour-wonky LCD, and other familiar strangers, in a battle for my livelihood.

I will say that it was nice to come home from Casey and Greg's wedding at 1:30 on Saturday and go to bed instead of staying up until 5 AM obsessing over white balance and noise control and which of my 50 presets is *just* right for each photo.

Tomorrow my Daddy (yes, I said Daddy - don't judge) is bringing me a loaner desktop so that I can get cracking again. So having watched some TV, typed my way through this blog post with what suddenly feel like giant clumsy inept fingers on this odd keyboard, and having done absolutley NOTHING else, I think I'll be off to bed now. I may as well enjoy this last bit of serendipitous freedom.

Night all!


Ang, Mike and Eden said...

Hey I love my Japanese keyboard, that is the cutest laptop ever known to man...although you are right, slightly annoying and not completely competent, I still and always will love it! You just have to think of it as more of an electronic handbag

johnlo said...

i just threw away two desktop PCs... they would have been good for you to use... :(

Tracey said...

Ahhh, sleep - it is my elusive friend! I am glad you are getting to spend lots of time together but when you grow tired of one another I can use some quality time with our mutual friend!! :)

Lisa B said...

you keep going, there is something great around the corner, just keep walking towards it.

Japanese keyboard, I have a hebrew one! I never use it LOL.

Dodie said...

Very excited to see your new site and new pics posted - I know you have been busy with shoots lately!! Enjoy the extra snooze time while you can - it is certainly a rare luxury for you!