Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maya is Two!

You might remember Maya from her 18 month session. In case anybody was wondering, she's still cute as heck!!

We had a great time down at the waterfront in Oakville. Of course, Maya wasn't very interested in being near the water, but it was still a great time. Maya is such a sweet little girl with a good strong fiesty streak. She is probably the only 2 year old girl who carries around Thing, Spiderman, and Iron Man action figures. In short, she is just darn cool!

On with the show:

Maya's mom, Tracey, specifically didn't want playground photos, but how are you gonna keep a 2 year old away?

I love me some baby lashes!

After quite a while, Maya finally submitted to a walk down the pier with Mommy

Check out this hair. It was pretty windy, so this is crazier than it normally is, but have you ever seen anything cuter?

I want to thank Tracey for letting me have the honour of capturing Maya at two years old. She is just beautiful and so much fun to hang out with!


Tracey said...

The honour was ours Manda!! I am so thrilled with all of the pictures you took of Maya. Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

She;s Beautiful! Happy Birthday Maya!
Amanda you did an awesome job capturing her personlaity!

johnlo said...

very nicely captured Amanda. She one beautiful kid

Jessica said...

Love these!

tami said...

Again, you did a great job! I wish I was a cute two year old so you could take great pics of me like that!