Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wedding Bliss

Well, I have to confess that despite a bit of a bundle of nerves about taking on the full responsibility of capturing somebody's BIG day, I so totally loved shooting Melissa and Don's wedding. Like LOVED loved it. It is so cool to get to be a part of a celebration like that, and to get to meet two families in celebration. A photographer friend of mine recently said that if you're going to get one day to get to know someone, what better day? That is SO true. When I hugged Melissa goodbye at the end of the night, I was sooo happy to have been a part of her day.

So anyway, the point of my post is to let everyone know that I will be booking weddings now, and my wedding package is now listed on my website. My prices will increase regularly for a while as I gain wedding experience and build my portfolio, so if you do want to book me, I definitely recommend doing it sooner rather than later to get the current rates.

I also want to send a special shout out to any couples that are getting married before April 1, 2009, and still need to book a photographer. I have a special offering for anyone who fits the bill and is able to help me jump-start my career as a wedding photographer.

I'm so excited about this. I have loved every aspect of what I've done so far, from families to events to promo shoots, but I'm definitely most pumped about doing weddings. I guess it's the girlie girl in me, but it just feels like playing a role in a fairytale, and I have to say that being Cinderella's paparazzi is a lot of fun!

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Lisa Beachler said...

Amanda! Your blog is awesome! I'm just getting caught up now. YOU GO GIRL! You are a wedding Photographer!