Thursday, September 4, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame

My blog is getting a lot of traffic today, which I assume is because David Jay linked to John Lo in an OSP email, and then John linked to me, and also to Lisa Beachler, who also linked to me.

Or, maybe... news of my fabulousness is spreading??? hehehe

nobody look at my website.. it's in a weird ugly limbo while I transition from one format to another. Jasmine Star totally inspired me to, among other things, revamp and overhaul my site in a big way, and I'm trying, I'm trying... but it's taking a long time cause I'm po' (that's po' folk language for poor).

Oh, and J* inspired me at the Free to Succeed tour, which was probably the best $50.00 I ever spent in my whole life. I think Free to Succeed is wrapping up soon and it was only in the US, but David Jay will also be doing a presentation at Craft Your Success, which I think is all Canadian. I'd almost go again, because the information is totally valuable, but my September is pretty busy already. If you can make it - GO. re: David Jay: turns out you can believe the hype.

And while lots of people are on my blog, here's a shameless plug for Smiling Eyes (I blogged about it a while ago) - so if you're in this area, climb aboard!

I know there are a lot of links in this post.... even so I'm trying to think of other things to shamelessly plug, but I'm coming up empty right now. How 'bout my sister, Tracey, who is my biggest cheerleader, and deserves a shout back once in a while because she is one of the funnest, kindest, most generous, easiest to be around people I know. Her blog is mostly scrapping, so if you're into it, check it out. She does beautiful layouts.


Tracey said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out! You are a pretty fabulous sister yourself and one of the most fabulous people I know!!

And I am your biggest cheerleader because you deserve it! Your work is amazing! You have an incredible talent and I just wish I could tell everyone!!!

johnlo said...

hopefully you will be getting more hits and it wont be coming from me or from DJ ;-)

Anonymous said...

You better believe I connected with you and John. What a great day we had at the DJ seminar.

Bobby Earle said...

I bet the traffic is because of your awesomeness! Glad to hear you had a good time at the FTS tour! You got to hear J* lucky dog :)