Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Things

1/ I revamped the blog for no other reason than because Spring has me itching to get more colour into my life. I hope I'm not the only one who's loving the bright green!

I am revamping my website to go right along with it, and the new website will be up and running soon! (In the meantime, the same old site is still there)

I was informed about RSS feeds for blogs by some photographer friends of mine. I'm loving it! I'm using Wizz RSS for firefox, and it is so much fun. I've been subscribing to all my favourite blogs, and now I just open up the sidebar and click through the list to see who has new posts without even having to go to their blog to check.

It is seriously a lot of fun to have a one-stop shop for checking up on what's new with my favourite photographers, my friends, and some people who know things that I don't!

If you're a blog-reader, definitely get an RSS feed reader. It will streamline your blog-stalking. So, go download something, and add all your favourite blogs! Start with this one :) I even added a handy link to the top of the page.

Oh, you can use the feed reader for stuff like news, too, but blogs are generally much more fun!

4/ A couple weeks ago, also in celebration of Spring, my kiddies got new shoes. That (over <-- there) is my oldest trying out her new kicks at the store.

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Tracey said...

Love the new look and the picture of Bria!!