Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Done Sprung

I have been so busy lately that I have to admit I haven't been spending much real quality time with the kids. This past week, they mostly play while I work. So Friday after school, before the kids went to their dad's place, it was a welcome change to spend some time outside in the yard. It was a beautiful day, and I had a great time watching them discover all the new things that Spring has delivered. Kids are so in awe of the world around them--so fascinated and so full of questions about every little thing. It really makes you appreciate the simple things a lot more :)

I brought my camera out and had some adventures in extremely shallow DOF with my Canon 50 1.4 and a cheap set of macro tubes. Here's our afternoon - in extreme close-up!

The girls love watering the plants. We try not to waste water around here by watering the lawn, but I let them water the flower beds... probably too much.
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009

Old Maple Tree and New Maple Tree
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009

Random gardeny goodness.
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009

I'm actually not a huge fan of the smell of flowers except for tulips. Tulips are my favourite flowers. I wish they grew all year.
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009

(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009

One of the great joys of Spring for mommies is Dandelion Bouquets. The kids pick me a fresh one almost every day!
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009

On an unrelated note, I wanted to let all the photographers (pros and enthusiasts alike) who also love to travel know that my friend* Bobby Earle officially opened up the Raddest Photo Trip Ever for bookings today. This is a trip to Southeast Asia guided by Bobby and his wife, who have travelled there extensively (and I think even lived in parts of Asia) and are also stellar photographers. So you get a guided tour from someone who knows what he's doing, and lots of along-the-way photography tips from... well, someone who knows what he's doing.

*Yes, by friend, I mean person I know from online who I've never met in real life. But I'm pretty sure he's a real person.


Tracey said...

Fantastic photos Manda! I am loving all of the signs of Spring!!

PS I have 'friends' that live in my computer too so I get ya!!

lisaB said...

wow!!!! Awesome shots.... those are great.

I'm with you on the smell of flowers!

Maybe you and I should go to Asia with Bobby and Lindsay? :-)

Dodie said...

Awesome photos!!! I love Spring and have been enjoying watching various grandchildren discover 'new' things..... puddles, stones, pine cones, berries, twigs, dandelions .... every walk is an adventure!

Amanda Jane said...

I'm just catching up.. I love your extreme close up shots!