Friday, May 8, 2009

Drum Roll Please

Before I announce who was selected as the winner of a free shoot, slideshow, disk of images, and $300 print credit, let me just say that after reading the nominations, I really wished that I could give this to every single one of the people nominated.

It was wonderful to read about these amazing mommies and to know that someone recognizes and appreciates what they are doing every day. The votes were spread out quite a bit because all of the nominations told stories about wonderful mothers.

The nomination that received the most votes was the one submitted by Heather. Heather nominated herself, and it was very clear that she would really, truly appreciate the photo shoot.

However, Heather's nomination presented one problem, and it is the reason that I've announced the winner late, as I was trying to decide what to do. Heather nominated herself, which leaves the nominator's free shoot and $100 credit unused. In the end, I decided that I would award that shoot to the person who received the second greatest number of votes.

So, Pam's step-mom will also receive a free shoot and $100 print credit!

As I said, I wished I could have given a shoot to every person nominated (and even to the people who nominated them). Thanks so much to everyone for your nominations!

Happy Mother's Day!!

P.S. I forgot to introduce my panel of international judges and awesome photographers:
For Canada: Curt O'Neil
For the United States: John Lo
For the UK: Simon Revill
For Australia: Kristin Anderson

Thanks, guys!
(And, no, I didn't actually set out to find someone from each of those countries, it just worked out that the people who so generously volunteered were each from a different country)


Heather said...

Amanda!!! I am soooo excited!!! Thanks so much for running this contest- I can't wait to do this!! :)

PamD said...

Thank you soooo much, Amanda! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to tell my step mom!!! :)

Kristin said...

Congratulations to you both!

As Amanda said, it was crazy difficult to choose from the submissions - great to know there are so many awesome mommies around!

Enjoy your prizes and have a Happy Mother's Day.

Tracey said...

Congratulations to the winners! So exciting!!

johnlo said...

Congrats to the winners!!

Dodie said...

Congratulations to the winners! Big thank you to Amanda for running the contest and the panel of judges for taking on the task of choosing the winners!