Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tip Tuesday #4: Let's Get Visual

I waaaaaaanna get visual.

So it occurs to me that a lot of people probably don’t really even know what’s going on inside a camera. So the first in a series of Tip Tuesdays to be posted over the next few days is this: my kind of goofy, but easy to understand explanation. The following animation should help you visualize what's hapenning inside the camera, and also understand why I barely passed eleventh grade art. Use the numbers on the bottom to navigate and Enjoy!

Pretty cool, huh?

FAST FACT: Light is constantly moving all around us. Light moves in straight lines – it doesn’t bend or curve, but it bounces off of just about everything, so sometimes it looks like it does (like how the light down the hallway gets into your bedroom, even though that’s not a straight line. It’s actually bouncing off of everything in the hallway and into your room). When we see something, what we’re really seeing is the light that’s bouncing off of it and into our eyes. That’s why we can’t see it in the dark! (duh)

In order to understand lighting in photography, it’s important to understand that light is ALWAYS moving. ALWAYS.

I'll be back this week with special episodes of Tip Tuesday, maybe featuring more of my crappy animation skills! Yay!

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Lisab said...

Red huh, why not magenta?

Really though, a nice short article.

You are amazing smart....it's scary! Lotsa brain power