Monday, March 16, 2009

Doing it THREE times a Week!

(C) Copyright 2009, Amanda Stratton, Living Proof Photography.... blogging, that is!

I'm committing to blogging three times a week for the rest of the year. How committed am I? Well, if I fail to blog at least three times per week during the rest of 2009, the first THREE people to call me on it publicly in any given week will get a freebie.

For locals, or anybody willing to come here or ship me to them, the freebie will be a portrait shoot with one included high-resolution digital file. Which means, theoretically, I could be giving away three shoots a week... but the high stakes are meant to make me blog more loyally.

For non-locals, the freebie might be anything from some weird Photoshop action/PaintShop script I just cooked up to an iTunes gift certificate or free download or something like that. I'm not really settled on anything yet.

Where can you call me out publicly?

-on your blog (just send me the link)
-on Twitter by reply to me (AmandaStratton)
-on your Facebook status or in a Facebook note (befriend me first or I won't see it)
-on this blog - just leave a comment on my latest post!

What doesn't count as public?
- emails to me
- direct messages to me on Twitter
- private messages on Facebook

Why does it have to be public?
well, mostly so that everyone will know who the three people who called me out first were, so when I tell the fourth guy he's too late, I'll have some proof!

The definition of a week.
A week is from Sunday to Saturday.
So if I blog on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of one week, I might not necessarily blog until Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the following week. The intervening Wednesday to Wednesday when I didn't blog at all for seven days doesn't count. Why? My game: my rules. :)

Oh, if you're wondering why the picture of the hot boots, I don't know. I just like the boots, and posts are better with pictures, right?


Lisa B said...

ha ha, I thought WHAT is she doing three times a week? hahahahahha. You know I'll be watching! I love your blog!

johnlo said...

i'll be watching too... btw, those boot are sexy looking. ;-) and can kill someone too.

Dodie said...

Ohhhh FUN!!!! I will be watching too (as always). I hope no one gets to call you on it because I LOVE your blog and look forward to new posts!

Tami said...

Ditto what Mom said!
And way to work it Jenn!!!!

Jessica Hanaumi said...

Wow, you're brave! VERY cool photo with the post, too!