Saturday, March 28, 2009

Follow Me

Without the intonation, it's hard to tell that the title is a Simpsons reference. Did you see the one when they went to the beach for the 4th of July? Yeah, the one when Lisa doesn't have any clothes, so she gets all new clothes, and she acts cool and gets new friends and Bart gets jealous and rats her out for not being cool, and then eventually there's this touching sibling moment, I think. And Homer goes to the store to purchase illegal fireworks, which are, of course, hidden behind the fridges. He comes back from the store with like a turkey baster and some kind of food, and fireworks, and some other stuff, and Marge says "I don't know what you're planning, Homer, but count me out!" or something like that. And then Josh and I have this joke where whenever we buy items that seem kind of suspiciously dually-useful, we say "I don't know what you're planning Homer, but count me in!"

Yeah, that episode.

Well, when Homer goes to the store, the clerk says "Follow me."

There, now it's not an inside joke. I hate inside jokes.

Oh, wait, I had a point.

I have a new site and a new blog! It's a total overhaul! So, oh right.... Follow Me on over to


All of my posts have been transferred from this blog to the new one, so don't worry, you'll never be over there reading a post and I reference another post from the past and it's kind of a joke but you don't get it because maybe you didn't read my blog when I wrote the original post, so it's really an inside joke between me and my more loyal blog readers. Well, that might happen, but then you could easily search for the earlier post right there from that page, and then you'll be on the inside too. That's how I wanted it to be, cause I hate inside jokes.

See ya over there.... unless you just decided you don't like my blog anymore :)

EDIT: I am such a tool. I totally didn't even mean to post this yet because I wrote it and then decided that I'm making a really big change to my business. But I forgot that I had set this post to go up. So there are no links there. I'll let you know when it's ready, and until then you can just be sorry you wasted two minutes of your life reading my Simpsons babble. Sorry!


Tracey said...

Not cool dude! This whole post was a big tease!! Can't wait to see the new site though!!

Kristin said...

Tease! Can't wait to see the overhaul :)

Dodie said...

I really enjoy your blogging - well written and entertaining. Looking forward to your new site!

Lisa B said...

I love new stuff!!!! Very way cool!!!