Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vagina Monologues

I literally just walked through the door from seeing the Vagina Monologues. Okay, I peed and I twittered about the Vagina Monologues, then I sat down.

To preface this post, I want to say that I did not expect to like the Vagina Monologues. I love theatre. I also have no problem saying the word vagina or any other word naming a part of the anatomy, male or female. Well, except for duodenum - I just always stumble over it.

So, it's not that I'm a prude or anything. I guess I thought I wouldn't like it because I thought it would be trite, or condescending, or try to be intimidating, or a little too "feminism in your face! ha!" if you know what I mean.

It wasn't any of those things, and I feel like the biggest lame-o in the world for ever thinking it would be. It was amazing. I am an English major, and generally pretty articulate, and right now I'm fumbling for words trying to find the right one to explain what it was. I could wait and try to think of something, and post later, but I won't because I don't want to waste any time telling you to go see it!

So just trust me, and go see it.

It's playing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next week, so call 519-291-2033 and reserve your ticket now at Theatre 311.

Okay, what the heck, my mom paid for my ticket, so I'm going to pay it forward. Leave a comment here and tell me why you want to go, and I will choose someone at random on Wednesday (I'll devise a system) and buy you a ticket to go. Why? Cause everyone should go see it, so this is my special late V-Day treat for my blog friends.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day (the other V-Day)!

(In case there's any question, I just want to say that I am not in any way affiliated with Theatre 311. I have nothing to do with it - I didn't check whether it was okay with them if I offer to buy somebody a ticket to their show. I mean I've met and talked to Stef and Justin, the owners, but I'm pretty sure they don't like me. I apologize to them if they don't appreciate me insinuating myself into their thespian world. The play is just really good.)


Dodie said...

Wow!!! I sat in the audience, bouncing from one emotion to the next while being entertained, enlightened and awed by this fantastic cast of talented women! Loved it!

p.s. Jamie didn't seem at all uncomfortable, but I do think he should have taken my suggestion of a little audience participation!

Tracey said...

WOW! That is quite a review! I wish I could see it!!

Good for you for paying it forward! :)

Oh, and if you wanna pick someone at random there are random number generators all over the internet! ;)

Tami said...

I am so glad the show had such and impact on you. I truly think everyone adult - man or woman - needs to see it! Nice work Theatre 311

Lisa B said...

Glad you enjoyed it...I don't need a ticket cuz I live in Missouri, but Great for you to Pay It Forward!

Jennifer said...

wow....I am so excited that I am going to see it this weekend. Tami has been raving like crazy but I thought maybe it was just her tooting her own horn!!! Now that I have read such great reviews from you...I am super excited!
such a nice thing you are doing by paying it forward...maybe the winner of this ticket will do something as well to pay it forward!

Tammy said...

Wow - I am so impressed with your review. Something must be said about the show if you are willing to pay for someone else's ticket so they can see it. I am intrigued now.

Dawn said...

Great review! I'll be seeing it on Saturday night. That is, after spending most of the day with you as you photograph our lovely Paddyfest Ambassador Contestants!!
Thank you so much for doing that, by the way!! See you then...

scotlind said...

Sounds like an amazing play! Glad you enjoyed it so much :) I should check what times it plays next weekend!


Melissa said...

I would love to go see the play to enjoy a night out with some humour again that doesn't include childrens shows. (lol) Because I am an at home mother of four I don't get to sit around with my girlfriends and joke about the facts of life and all teh humour that goes along wih it. A quiet evening to go and enjoy the play would be lovely.