Monday, July 28, 2008


Last round of fair pictures! On Sunday I spent some time at the midway, and also at the Demolition Derby.

And, as if I could get through FOUR whole posts without a shot of one of my kids! here's my oldest on her favourite ride, the Dragon, with her daddy:

My mildly macabre take on the ferris wheel:

Over to the derby, one of the drivers waits as his car gets checked for safety:

Collision shots:

Let me just say that these folks mean business. It's not bumper cars. I got hit with a chunk of mud--no rocks--thrown by a car and fying so hard that it bruised me!

You shoulda seen the other guy. Seriously, this guy won the first heat:

Up in smoke:

The winner's car, crowned with a trophy:

After the derby, I stopped back at the midway to catch some night-time fun shots as well, since it was still packed. Still buying tickets:

And playing games:

And winning fish:

And the carousel still spinning:

I just want to thank the Agricultural Society for asking me to be there to shoot the fair this year. I had an awesome time and gained an appreciation for so many aspects of the fair. Next year my entire weekend will booked out for the fair whether I'm shooting or not, so that I can take in everything. I especially want to thank Elizabeth, Eily, and Richard. I owe you guys a great time!!

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