Sunday, April 6, 2008

ScrapFest 2008 - Kitchener

I'm hugely excited that this weekend I'm covering ScrapFest at the Aud in Kitchener. It is supposed to be an awesome event, and I can't wait! If any of you scrapbookers haven't signed up yet, get all your info at I hope I'll see some folks there!

I also want to mention that ScrapFest is very generously sponsoring the Crop for the Cure that will be held in Listowel in June. So mark your calendars for both!

Oh, and what's a post without a picture, so here's a favourite from yesterday. Has the weather been nice around here lately or what??


Tracey said...
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Tracey said...

So much exciting stuff going on for Living Proof!! I'll be seeing you at both of those events!

Love the picture of Bria!!