Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some birds lost their home :(

Thankfully, I didn't lose mine.

I hope everyone else was as lucky as I was. My side of town is pretty torn up, and I know a lot of people have damage, but I hope everyone stayed safe while that storm tore through here yesterday.

This is my first time posting by email so hopefully it works. Is there a picture?
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Tracey said...

Wow! That's crazy! I'm glad it seems to be mostly your porch and not your house. Crazy storm.

Lisa B said...

Glad you are all safe!!!

Dodie said...

That was a cra-a-a-a-zy storm!!! I cannot believe how hard and fast it hit - the trees in your little corner of the world were certainly rearranged!! Everyone weathered the storm and the clean up has begun - soon it will be just another memory. So glad the guardian angels were on duty!!

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