Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photorapher's Kid Syndrome

Yesterday was my daughter Bria's Kindergarten class trip. I asked her in the morning if she wanted me to bring my camera and she said "Yes." Then she said "Does your phone have a camera?" and I said "Yes." And she said "Just bring that. Just bring your phone." "You don't want me to bring my real camera?" "No, just bring your phone."

See, my daughter has a recurring case of what is sometimes called Photographer's Kid Syndrome. The symptoms are a strong aversion to being in front of the camera and pained sighing and moaning at the mere sight of the camera. I'm fortunate in that Bria has frequent periods of remission, where you might not even know she has Photographer's Kid Syndrome at all. She looks and acts just like a normal child a lot of the time. But relapses can come at the most inconvenient of times, especially those special moments that a mom really wants to capture.

But that makes perfect sense if you ask me. What you have to understand is that Bria has probably spent a sum of hours being directed into good light, being asked to just hold on while I try one more, being plead with to just please please wait for a few minutes while mommy takes some pictures. So when a special day comes along for us to spend together, she wants to spend it with me, not with my camera.

So, the short story is that I didn't take my camera. But I did take my new BlackBerry Storm. The camera on the BlackBerry Storm is ridiculously slow, but I suppose it probably takes as good a picture as most phones do!

So, without further ado, here are a few photos from my BlackBerry of our class trip. We went to the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory, then to the Lions Lagoon Splash Park in Waterloo.

Wings of Paradise was actually cooler than I thought it would be. And the butterflies were pretty.
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009 - Ontario Photographer

One of the coolest things was seeing the butterflies at various stages of emergence from their chrysalides. It was pretty amazing.
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009 - Ontario Photographer

Here's my own little bug at the splash park. It was a really great splash park, and would definitely be worth the drive to Waterloo from Listowel again!
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009 - Ontario Photographer

And here she is trapped on the bus. No, she's not actually trapped. I tried to get a picture of her on the bus since she really doesn't go on the bus much, but this was the best I could do. I kinda like it.
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009 - Ontario Photographer


Amanda Jane said...

What a great thing you did for your Daughter. There would be many others who wouldn't listen to their children in situations like this. I believe you taught you daughter a huge lesson that day and gave her a huge gift. Her Mom. The day was better just because you had each other :)

The camera phone pictures are great. Much better than I would expect from a phone.

Tracey said...

You rock as a Mommy! Love your pictures. Can't believe you took them with a phone. I love the one of 'trapped' Bria!! :)

tami said...

I can not believe those photos are off of your phone! And Miss Bria taught me a lesson. I purposely did not bring my camera because I knew you would get better photos of the girls. I should not have assumed you would bring know what happens when you assume....