Monday, April 6, 2009


(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009
Are you kidding me?

It was cute in October.
It was gorgeous in November.
It was part of Christmas in December.
It was just a given in January.
It was wearing thin in February.
It was actually looking up in March.

But April... come on now, that's just playing dirty!

Winter, I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but you've overstayed your welcome. We want you to leave now. This snow day thing was a nice gesture, but I'm sorry - we're tired and the party's long over. Please go. Thank you.


Tracey said...

You said it sister!!

lisa B said...

For April THAT is the ugliest picture I've seen..


But loved the post!!!

Tami said...

Ohmigod! I was just going to post WORD FOR WORD the same comment as Tray! Scary!

Dodie said...

Having winter return after experiencing a day of beautiful Spring weather confirms that Mother Nature does indeed have a sense of humour - warped and sick, for sure, but, without a doubt, a sense of humour. You gotta love and appreciate a sense of humour .... right?????