Monday, April 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

First of all, I am entirely shamelessly plugging the fact that I'm a finalist in the MCP Actions and Color Inc. canvas contest. I would so appreciate if people would mosey on over there and vote for their favourites as the winner will be decided by vote. If you happen to think my shot would be one of the best canvases, then I even extra appreciate it with a cherry on top!

Here's a link to the MCP Actions Blog where you can vote:

Secondly, there is only a couple weeks left to nominate your favourite mommies in my Mommies are Awesome contest. The winner of the contest will receive about $1000 worth of photographic goodies, and a couple other little treats, too.

I have also had people mention to me that they know someone who is a good mom, but "she hasn't really been through anything." So I just wanted to make it clear that the winner will not be chosen based on who has been through the worst trials and tribulations. I do think that staying strong and being a good parent or member of a community through adversity is one way to be an awesome mommy, but there are certainly others! So please nominate ALL the awesome mommies you know, including yourself!

Thirdly, I loved the power outage today! That is not to be confused with the power outage on Saturday that halted dance photos with only one group left to do. No, no, I liked the one that happened today, because warning is nice! We spent the time outside and went for a walk and saw that so many more people than usual were outside enjoying the day as well. I know that the beautiful weather probably encouraged that as well, but I think the power outage helped, too. Josh and I were saying that they should just do this every few weeks for the rest of the summer. But for longer! I hope everyone else had a good afternoon, too!

Finally, because a post without a picture is like a night without stars, I'm going to close out with a few pictures from last year at Goderich beach. I love the beach, and the temperatures today had me wishing I had headed that way. Something about sand under your feet just makes time not count, I think.

(C) Josh McCutcheon, 2008

(C) Josh McCutcheon, 2008

(C) Amanda Stratton, 2008

BTW - Josh took the first two shots (I'm in them!) and I think I took the last one, but that might have been Josh, too. He doesn't read my blog so he'll never know... just kidding.


Dodie said...

Congratulations on making the finalist list, Amanda!!! I love your entry - it will make a fabulous canvas!!!!

Like you, I am REALLY looking forward to lazy, carefree family days at the beach - best place in the world!!!!!!

Lisa B said...

Congrats, I twittered you yesterday about it and I voted :-) How awesome is that girl!

Love the shots that Josh took, hmmm...maybe you can use him as a second sometime? :-)

Kristin said...

I've voted :)

And you are oh so right about the beach...I adore it!