Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogs I Think You Simply MUST See

I'm a stalker of blogs. I love to cruise blogs and I consider Google Reader to be just about the best thing going. My subscription list is heavy on the photography side, but my perusing time is most happily spent on blogs that are more about the words than the pictures. I have two folders of blogs whose updates I await with breath that is baited: "My Favourites" and "JUST FOR FUN" (yes, it's in capitals in Google Reader).

So, because I like to imagine that I'm fabulous enough to be entrusted with the task of identifying the most fascinating people on the planet to keep tabs on, I thought I'd share some of my note-worthy favourites with all of my blog readers.

1/ Kristin Anderson Photography - all of her work is awesome, but her underwater photos are freaking phenomenal. It's amazing to catch glimpses into the world beneath the waves through her eyes, and you can feel the passion she has for it in every post. It doesn't hurt that she lives in Australia, and I continue to be fascinated with all things Down Under. (did that sounds dirty?)

2/ Nothing But Bonfires - I first found this blog through a twitter tweet. It is one of those blogs that's not necessarily always about something, but it's so well written that you won't want to miss a single post, whether it's about Holly's upcoming wedding, her latest travels, or a bad fashion decision from her youth. I'll admit, it's probably the blog equivalent of a chick flick, but I guess my blog is, too.

3/ The Pioneer Woman - Lori from the Scrapping Turtle told me about this blog. It's great if you are an impatient blog-stalker because there are usually several new posts a day, so less refreshing Google Reader in anticipation of your next blog fix. There are to-die-for recipes, pictures, wild horses, guest spots from photo, food, and other experts, and all sorts of awesome. Oh, and free photoshop actions. Everybody loves free actions.

4/ Wil Wheaton dot Net - I forget how I stumbled upon it, but I do remember saying out loud, as I sat alone in my living room, "Shut Up! This is not Wesley Crusher's blog!?!" And I was right. For although I was first drawn to Wil Wheaton as the actor who portrayed the subject of one of my earliest crushes, I got hooked on his blog because it is fantastically written and has nothing to do with a fifteen year old TV show. I even read a post that I did not understand at all about role playing games. Just one, though. Mostly now I stick to the other posts. If you're looking for a birthday gift for me, he also has some books available for purchase. Just, you know, if you happen to be planning ahead.

There are a lot more blogs in my lists, but these are some that I thought pretty much anyone could enjoy. I might be back another day with some more!


Lisab said...

Great idea...I've got so many wonderful people that I follow! Kudos to you for thinking of others! Again!

Dodie said...

Thanks for sharing! I am going to check them out. I gotta get hooked up with this Google Reader thing!!

Kristin said...

Wow, thank you! I was so surprised to see myself on your list...I'm honored :)

Now I guess the pressure's really on to get new blog posts up more often!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, I have been looking over them the last couple days and I can see why you like them.