Friday, August 7, 2009

Anyone Wanna Hang?

Since Marissa's birthday is over, that means mine is next. I know it makes me sound like a little kid, but I still love my birthday. I don't usually do anything for my birthday, but I still just like the fact that it is my birthday.

Shortly after I turned 26, I made a list of ten goals for my 27th year. I think about the list often, which is good, but I don't often work toward those goals, which is bad.

And now there are two weeks left until my birthday, so it's time to see what I can pull out the fire at the last minute.

1. Clean out my Inbox.
I can do this! I will do this! I intend to hit up Staples on Saturday for some paper so I can print out anything I need and delete the rest. I must conquer the inbox!!

2. Find a way to use my photography to help the community.
I did do Cans for Comments, but I wish I had done more, and would like to do more next year. I just don't know what to do. Ideas?

3. Finish 6 courses at school.

This was amended to four because I wanted my sanity back, and as of Saturday when I write my French exam, that will be done! I don't know if I'll pass French, but I did finish it.
3.5. Learn Vectors.
I could cram this in. I think I can!

4. Go to 3 places I've never been before.
I went to New York City and Las Vegas. And when this posts, barring anything unforeseen, I'll be in Niagara Falls. Yay!

5. Walk to Run.

Um, can we pretend we didn't see this one? I can't be done the 12 weeks by my birthday, but I can be on week 5. That must be good for partial points.

6. Call Missy. Scratch that. SEE Missy.

I saw Missy a couple of times. It would have been nice to see her more, but I'm sure we will soon!

7. Go out to dinner/chat/hang with 10 people I didn't know before.
Okay, this didn't happen either and I thought it would be the easy one. I did meet Lisa, Hilary, and Angela and hung out with each of them a bit. I can't really count actual shooting time, but Megan and Jonathan and I went for dinner together and it was a good time, so I could count it. That's 4. I need 6 more. Anybody wanna hang? Seriously.

8. Read the news once a week.

pffffft..... so didn't happen. I've realized, though, that I'm just not a news-reader. or watcher. or listener. I have a hard time watching the news because I get really upset about anything bad that happens, particularly to children. Like in tears. I didn't used to be like that. I would really like to follow current events, but I just can't handle it. I'm a terrible citizen. :(

9. Do one craft a week with my kids.

This didn't happen, either, and I do feel bad about that. We probably did 10 crafts.... maybe. If I do the other 42 in the next two weeks, does that count? No... I guess that's not the same.

I don't think I did very well with this the past year. But I'm working now toward organizing my life so that it's easier to breathe. And I don't mean that I'm thinking about it. I'm actually doing things to get organized, which is new for me.

Wish me luck as I cram for my birthday. Next year, I think I'll have fewer goals.

And since we all like pictures, here's a quick shot from Vegas (the Hoover Dam, to be specific):
(C) Copyright Amanda Stratton, 2009 - Waterloo Photographer


Lisab said...

yeah but... how many people would even make a list and yet complete more then half of it?

You did good!

You did awesome...but now...get out there and read while you walk/run! LOL

Zoic said...

Have you thought of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep?

Tough work but rewarding.

Tracey said...

I think you have done a fabulous job with your goals. Remember they are always a starting off point and meant to change as life changes so it's all good! :)

Marnie said...

Hi Amanda,

I stumbled upon your facebook page and then eventually ending up here.

Your work is gorgeous and I could only wish to ever be where you are with your talents in photography! I'm at the very very beginnings of learning the art and I mean beginning!!

If you ever want to hang out, go for coffee, meet someone (kinda) new lmk!