Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Very Zen (and I'm giving away a free shoot)

Kitchener Waterloo Photographer

That's my excuse for not blogging.

Here's my credible source to back me up on the merits of that:

Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?
- Lao Tzu

I was being patient because everything was in ridiculous upheaval and I was waiting to see where all that dust was going to settle.

It's been nearly two weeks since I last posted, which has been unlike me since my early days of blogging. I want to say that I've been gathering wisdom, and that I just feel instinctively that it's time to move forward now, but the truth is I'm just bored.

I'm bored with not shooting.
I'm bored with caring about losing my job.
I'm bored with the anticipation of free time.
I'm bored with staying still.

So unsettled mud here we come! Wait, did I say WE? Well, yes, I did, because my boredom has prompted me to invite someone to do a free shoot, and a little mud may be involved!

I'm offering up one absolutely free shoot including your favourite five images fully edited on disk in high resolution printable format to one person (or maybe one couple... we'll talk!)

The hitch? Well, the hitch is that I'm offering this to someone who is willing to a do a Winter Wonderland Trash the Dress session!

The catch? I've never done a Trash the Dress session before, so I'm asking for a leap of faith.

Let me just say that my vision of a Trash the Dress is not really of setting out to trash the dress. It's more like having a respectful disregard for the eternal preservation of the dress. It's about getting the absolute coolest shots imaginable without worrying about a little dirt and snow.

I don't want to take photos of you pouring condiments on your gorgeous dress.

I want to showcase the dress in all it's glory in a "fashion meets bridal" sort of way.

It will be cold, it will be damp, and it will be awesome.

Oh, I had a hitch and a catch -- I guess that means I do need a perk!

The Perk? I'm also inviting anybody out there with an interest in professional photography to come along and play! I know there are people out there because I've talked to some of you, and you are some cool people!

So... if you want a free Winter Trash the Dress, send me a message at

If you want to come out and play and shoot with me, send me a message at

Why two separate email addresses? 'Cause, like I said... I'm bored. (And also the little web-bot spammy things pick up email addresses posted on blogs pretty quickly, so I like to make up random ones that I can block later! Clever, huh?)


Dodie said...

I am soooo happy to see a new blog from you!!! Another fantastic idea because I LOVE pics of brides surrounded by clean, white snow! If I had a wedding dress, I would so do this!!

Tracey said...

Ooooh, I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea!! I love it!! Can't wait to see!

Lisa B said...

Perfect! Nothing like giving back! I love the way you do things and word it! Have a fun fun time, I know you will!

Anonymous said...

I would totally be in... if it were next year at this time and I had already worn my dress for the big day! Can't wait to see the pictures though!!

Tami said...

Oh - I so wish I still fit in my dress!!! I am for sure passing this along though. What a great idea!

Sabrina said...

I would so love to do this, but I love my dress, my sister in law though has a size 11 dress if anyone wants it to do the shoot.

Jeni said...

I will participate! Send me more info, or give me a call!

Amanda said...

Miss - next year we will do an awesome one if you want to!

Sabrina - that is so nice of your sister-in-law to offer to let someone use her dress. I have had a few people say they would do it if they could use someone else's dress!!

Jeni - can you send me an email? I don't think I have yours anymore.