Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picture Quiz

I stole this from my friend Bobby Earle's blog. He is an amazing photographer and so worth flying in from California if you want some seriously hot wedding and engagement photos.

This is how you play:
Use Google image search to answer each question. Then choose your favorite image. It's a good time waster.

Age: 26

A place I'd like to travel to:
so hard to choose just one, but top of the list at the moment would be Italy

My favorite place: again, so hard to choose, but I think my favourite so far is New York City

My favorite object: books

My favorite food: vegetable pizza

My favorite animal: my cat Benni, who is not related to these guys

My favorite color: pink

The town where I was born: Walkerton, Ontario

The town where I live now: North Perth (and, hey, some of my own pictures comes up!)

A past pet: Marble, my most loved dog

A past love: red wine

Friend's nickname: Kissy Piggy

My screen name: living proof, Amanda Lee

when this was one of the options, how could I have chosen any other picture?

A different Amanda Lee

My first name: Amanda

My middle name: Lee (you see where my screen name came from)

My last name: Stratton

One of my bad habits: staying up too late

My first job: babysitting

My grandmothers' names: Ila and Bernice

My college degree: will be English literature

What I'm doing right now: wasting time!


Anonymous said...

Too cute... I think the kissy piggy picture did me justice! :)

Lisa B said...

wow, that took some time! But I enjoyed it!

Bobby and Lindsay are amazing people!

Tracey said...

There are some interesting shots Manda! A good time waster for sure!

johnlo said...

Cute! Merry Christmas to you and the family. The girls got slot of goodies from Santa this year?!