Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Longest Day

A while ago, twenty-four world-class photographers from around, well, the world, got together for 24 hours, knowing only that they would be split into two teams for some kind of secret mission.

That mission was for each team to create two things: one, an original film that was somehow about photography, and two, a PSA for one of two charities, Thirst Relief and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

There are going to be ten episodes of the kind of "behind the scenes making of" stuff, and then there will be a vote for which team did the best job. Watch episode one right here on my blog ( ^ up there ^ )

I know maybe not everyone is into the whole world of photography, but there is $5,000.00 in total going to these two charities, and they are both amazingly worthy, so please support this effort. If you do nothing else, watch my blog for when the final episodes are posted and go vote!

All of these photographers are also coming together to promote the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International 2009 Convention. I can't afford to go because I'm tucking all my extra pennies away to pay for school, but I hope to make it next year!

Because they deserve a shout out, here's all the 'togs that got in on this deal:

Jessica Claire, Bronson Pate, Jasmine Star, Chris Humphreys, Ann Hamilton, Kevin Kubota, Michele Celentano, Steve Bebb, Catherine Hall, [b]ecker (who is indeed cool enough to be simultaneously like Madonna and have just one name, AND the artist formerly known as Prince, and have a symbol in his name... apparently), Katie Humphreys, Kenny Kim, Jim Garner, Alisha Todd, Joe Photo, Jen Bebb, Brook Todd, Jules Bianchi, Gene Higa, Amber Holritz, David Jay, Robert Evans, Dane Sanders, and Bambi Cantrell

Seriously check out their work. You will see how very very far I have to go, but I'm okay with that - check 'em out! I'm pretty sure all of these folks travel, so if you can afford them, these are some of the best IN THE WORLD to have capturing your life and making you look fabulous. And just so you know, the Bebbs are homegrown right here in Canada, so if you like to shop local, they'd be your best bet!

The whole thing was spear-headed, as far as I know, by Ron Dawson of F-Stop Beyond, who makes videos, and seems to hang with photographers a lot... I don't think he is a photographer, but if you need a video made... call him! There were also creative consultants (videographers extraordinaire) Lloyd Calomay of Red 5 Studios in Orange County and David Robin of David Robin Films in California.

If you got here and didn't click on any of those links, please do! It took me a really long time to put them all in, and I wouldn't link to something unless I really thought it was worth seeing, so if you've got time, please visit them!


Lisa B said...

It's totally crazy to see them all acting!!!

Bobby Earle said...

Alright - blog police rolling through. Almost two weeks and no blog? I'm about to write you up for this...