Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cans for Comments - TALLY!

Well, the comments were all in, and as of yesterday morning, the final count was 38! I know that doesn't sound like a lot compared to what some people get, but it's a lot more than I normally see in a week, and is the product of a lot of support people showed for the cause! Thank you all so much!


Word on the street (okay, in the newspaper) is that the food bank is already all set for Christmas (Yay! Go Community!!) and what they really need is for people to sustain their contributions throughout the year. So for now I'm extending this to January 1, and I'm going to try to post lots to earn those comments and get some more cans! Then I'll be hitting the grocery store the weekend after that to make a dent in the food bank need for 2009.

I hope that's okay with people. I feel like I'm kind of going back on my commitment, but in reality I'm extending it and just trying to serve the community the best I can, which was the whole point anyway!

I'm going to keep this up, and I think I'll be making monthly donations, based on comments. So put me in your feed (I recommend Google Reader) and know that if you want to drop a comment, you'll be helping provide relief to some people who need it.


Tracey said...

I think it is a fabulous idea to extend it and try to provide the help when it is more needed. Good for you Manda!!

Erin Hession said...

Count me in on your "cans for comments" project too! :)

Dodie said...

You are definately not backing out of a commitment..... just pushing it back a little to a time when the need will be greater and that makes perfect sense to me!