Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mike + Laura + their Boys

Well, I've got a bit behind on blogging! To give you some idea, this is a shoot from August!

Laura found a great place for photos, and it was nice to get to try out a spot I had never been before. Mike and Laura have three awesome boys who were really a lot of fun! They were great to hang out with--sweet, energetic, and really enthusiastic about the photos to boot! I also love the jeans and white shirts look they chose. It's so clean and simple, and just a great relaxed timeless look.

Noah and Alex were so great with their little brother, Zachary.

We did a few extra of Zachary, who was, of course, interested in exploring the gardens!

Big beautiful baby eyes + pudgy little baby hands all in one shot = cute!

Thanks again for the shoot! I really had a lot of fun!


Tracey said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!

johnlo said...

very nice. What a beautiful family

Anonymous said...

They had to have loved these! I did!