Monday, July 21, 2008

The 152nd Listowel Agricultural Fair

Egads! I have soooo many photos from the fair and I was trying to sift through them and pick out favourites, but I can't get it all done and I really want to share some right away, so I'm starting with opening night, which included the parade, the opening ceremonies, and the ambassador competition. All good fun!

The theme of this years fair was "Git R Done with 911" and it was all about honouring policemen, firemen, paramedics, and other "emergency responder" types. So of course the fire safety dog was prominently featured. I have to include him here because my kids love him, as do a lot of other kids in town who get to see him pretty regularly since the fire department here is AWESOME about being available to help educate kids about safety.

The Shriners' little cars are always a big hit. I think this guy was the only one at this parade, though.

To be honest, I forget what group this dog was part of, but he was cute! EDIT: Thanks to Eily for letting me know that this pup was part of the Bridge Country Feeds float.

The Listowel Vet Clinic took second place for best commercial entry in the parade. I loved what they did!

Cute kid in the Heartland crew!

This float was really cool - the Galbraith Optimist Camp did an awesome job and had absolutely the MOST spirit! From what I hear it's also a really great day camp.

This little smile melted my heart like butter (get it? it's an old creamery truck)

I have a thing for marching bands. I find them fascinating... so I subject you to the photos.

This guy was part drummer part baton twirler. This was all the Brussels Legion Band, and they were an excellent marching band.

Opening ceremonies at the fairgrounds: after having some dignitaries speak, it was only appropriate given the theme to have a police officer cut the ribbon to get Listowel's 152nd Agricultural Fair under way. Also notice that the official ribbon is police tape!

Then it was on to the Ambassador competition. A crowd watched while six young women ALL did a fantastic job of both prepared speeches and impromptu speeches.

Nicole Van de Gevel, who would later be named First Runner Up and get the Friendship title, takes a moment to deliberate on her impromptu speech topic.

After the impromptu speeches, the judges went to deliberate and the crowd got a half-time show. It started with a performance of an auctioneer song by David Carson (who better?) and midway through he and Barb Matthews, the evening's M.C., had a little dance break

After David's performance, Karli Purcell sang a few songs. She is really a terrific singer! Should note that the fellow in the background in some of these is Johnny Borton, who took care of the sound, sang a tune or two, and accompanied Karli.

Then there was an extrication demonstration by the firemen. I'm all for any excuse to see firemen out in uniform. Aren't we all?

Then back to business to find out who the 2008-09 Fair Ambassador would be. Kristine Farrish took the title, and here she is being crowned by the previous Fair Ambassador. I got to talk to Kristine a bit and she seems like a great girl who I'm sure will do a good job all year. All the girls did really well and should be proud!

More photos to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!! Amanda, those pics are awesome... The St. Bernard dogs were part of the Bridge Country feeds float...

WOW!!! I can't wait to see the Friday and Saturday night pull pics... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tami Chauivn said...

Great job Manda! I am going to send this link to eveyone!!!!!

Stephanie Robertson said...

You did an awesome job! Love the pictures!

Chelsea Coghlin said...

These pictures look amazing. You truly have a natural talent!

Dodie said...

Once again, your shots are fantastic!! Can't wait to see more!

Amanda said...

Thank you guys for commenting. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there reading this blog or not!

Eily - I realized one pic I never got was of the crew that put it all together. I can't believe I never thought to get you guys! I do have some, but not a group shot.